General Biophysics

General Biophysics is a development stage biomedical technology company. We develop and translate new technologies into products in collaboration with a global community of researchers, academic and commercial organizations.

 Inhalation Therapy for Neurodegeneration

Approximately 6 million Americans (more than 30 million worldwide) have Alzheimer's Disease (AD), that will grow to 15.0 million by 2060. The cost of care in US is more than $200B a year, making this disease the nation’s third most expensive. Unfortunately, there are still no disease-modifying treatments or prevention. It is becoming clear that targeting just one pathway such as reduction of Aβ does not lead to reversing or slowing cognitive decline and progression. Effective treatment of AD will require therapy that targets multiple pathways in combination treatment.

General Biophysics together with its academic partners is developing a therapeutic approach to target microglial dysregulation. Our drug-device combination product is based on the proprietary gas mixture delivered to patients through the automatic inhalation system. The therapeutic program will include PET imaging to determine the microglial status and multidose inhalation treatment regimen.

Cellular Preservation Technology (CPT ) for Biological Cells and Tissues

We are developing innovative and reliable solutions to improve the availability of precious biological agents with potent therapeutic applications.

Our initial product is a revolutionary platelet storage system which transforms the useful lifespan of platelets from five to fourteen days. Our technology provides an effective solution to vastly improve the durability of platelets, resulting in an increased supply, reduced waste and reduced risk of bacterial infection. A longer storage time also improves logistics and transportation over larger geographical distances.

This application is just one example of the multiple potential applications of CPT that will redefine the ability of hospitals and blood banks to provide critical therapeutic services to their patients. The company is also developing systems for the preservation of bone marrow, stem cells, red blood cells and transplant organs.

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